Frequently Asked Questions

1. (Q) What exactly is Arukah cooperative about?

(A) Arukah cooperative is a society whose primary purpose is to provide for the welfare and physical well being of her member and their families.

2. (Q) What are the benefits of the services?

(A)The major benefits of the Arukah cooperative include the following:

Financial Assistance for Medical Emergencies

Financial Assistance for hospitalization

Preventive health care

Free medical outreaches


Free medications for basic ailments like malaria, typhoid etc


3. (Q) Who can partake of these services?

     (A)This service can be accessed only by valid members.

4. (Q)How do I enroll?

     (A) In Arukah cooperative, subscribers can register in two forms;

Agent enrollment

Self enrollment.


Steps of enrollment:

The subscriber pays the agent the Enrollment Fee

Gives the agent the relevant information.

The agent logs into the cooperative’s portal and captures the member’s data;

The subscriber gets an acknowledgment message once the data is updated.


Steps of Enrollment

The subscriber logs onto the cooperative’s portal and pays the enrollment fee.

He or She updates enters the relevant  information;

The subscriber receives an acknowledgment message via SMS after payment has been confirmed.


5. (Q) How do I pay my monthly dues?

(A) The monthly dues payments can be made in two ways:

Monthly payment through an agent.

Self monthly payment.


Steps of payment:

The subscriber makes payment depending on his/her membership.

Gives the agent the following information;

Phone number & Type of membership

The agent logs into the cooperative’s portal and captures the subscriber’s payment request

The subscriber receives a confirmation of payment SMS


Steps of payment;

The subscriber deposits the monthly membership dues into the Cooperative’s account and indicate his/her phone number on the cash deposit slip.

He/she sends the bank payment details through an SMS or email or the member calls the Cooperative’s customer service, providing them with the payment details.

The Member can also logon to the Arukah portal and make payment online.

The subscriber receives a confirmation SMS when payment is confirmed.


6. (Q) How does a subscriber get treatment?

Go to a partner hospital.

Provide your Membership Number & Valid Identification card.

The hospital will offer you treatment once your eligibility is confirmed.

7. (Q) What is a Wait Period?

(A) A wait period is a mandatory 30days stay off cover imposed on new subscribers, after payment, before they can begin to enjoy the service. The wait period may also be imposed on returning subscribers who have inconsistent payment pattern.

8. (Q) Where can I have access to Arukah cooperative Services?

(A)Please visit www.arukah.org.ng or dial 070 0000 0706.

9. (Q) How long is Treatment valid for?

(A) The treatment is to be used once in month.

10. (Q) After I pay my monthly dues, how long does the cooperative cover?

(A)Paying up target monthly dues entitles each subscriber to cover a period that lasts for 30days.

11.(Q) Who do I call to make a complaint?

(A) Please call the Arukah customer care on 070 0000 0706 and provide details of the issues concerning you.